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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Survey: 85% of Women Annoyed by Facebook Friends' Postings

If you're the person who updates your status every five minutes to tell your 500 Facebook friends how amazing your boyfriend is and how much he adores you, stop. Immediately. No one wants to hear it, and chances are, most people find you deeply annoying.
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A new survey from Eversave of over 400 women has found that 85 percent reported they have been "annoyed" by their friends' Facebook postings, according to the Los Angeles Times. Seventy-nine percent of the participants said they used Facebook to keep friends informed of their lives, while 64 percent logged on to the social networking site to share information.

However, 85 percent felt that their Facebook "friends" used the site to brag or overshare, and specifically found it irritating when people complained all the time, shared unsolicited political opinions and boasted about "seemingly perfect lives."

This may just be our remedial psychology course talking, but surely bragging about a perfect life on Facebook is a sign that things can't be that great? Not only are those who use Facebook as a forum for ego massage causing problems, apparently even
uploading photos onto the site isn't quite as innocuous as it seems.
When did our relationship with Facebook get as complicated as our real-world interactions? Here are some tips to cope with some of Facebook's major irritants.

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