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Friday, April 1, 2011

Royal Wedding? But What To Expect From The Royal HONEYMOON!

Details on Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding are rolling in ahead of the highly anticipated April 29 event, but what about their honeymoon?
Kate and William's Royal Honeymoon details

Rumored locations include Australia, New Zealand and an island in Croatia, but the Ministry has some insight into what the two lovebirds will be doing no matter where they land.
Royal journalist Robert Jobson's new book, "William & Kate: The Love Story," hit shelves this week and has some juicy details on how the couple spent their engagement weekend in Kenya -- the kind of romantic habits that will surely carry into their wedded bliss.
So what might we expect from the royal honeymoon?

Self-service: At Kenya's Lewa Conservatory, William and Kate forwent fancy accommodations, choosing a humble cottage near the serene Lake Alice where they brought their own groceries and enjoyed meals prepared by the future king himself. "He was very happy to cook," a staffer said of William, who played chef on two simple stove burners and served on off-white china with tarnished cutlery. As far as honeymoon libations are concerned, don't expect the pair to pop bottles. The engagement weekend saw nary a jug of booze, housekeeping said. They enjoyed mugs of tea in the evening, according to the book.

Outdoor play: Though Wills and Kate are the picture of poise, they're athletes at heart -- perfectly comfortable in the rugged outdoors. Don't be surprised if nature is a central theme in their post-wedding plans. In Kenya, the only special treatment the duo requested was an escort on Lake Alice for trout fishing. William was attentive to his future bride, helping her cast her rod, and throwing most of their catch back in the lake.

Romance, romance, romance: Sure, their demands are small, but the love is big between Kate and Wills. The Kenya cottage may have had simple amenities but boasted wooden floors, fluffy area rugs and a two-person bathtub that was apparently utilized quite a bit. In the evenings, Jobson said, they flooded the rooms with romantic gas-lamp light and candles. Kate even noted how romantic the setting was when signing the conservatory's guest book. We're sure she'll leave a similar sentiment once she's a missus.

Plenty of mingling: The honeymoon is traditionally an intimate time, but William and Kate are nothing if not a down-to-earth pair. During their Kenyan stint, the two also spent time at the Sirikoi Game Lodge, where they were super friendly with staffers and other guests. "He chatted to us for ages," a craft maker told Jobson of William, when he and Kate stopped by her booth at the lodge to buy some ornaments. Whatever hamlet is lucky enough to nab the newlyweds, they'll surely warm up to the locals.


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